Monday, March 2, 2015

Random rants again

* Every country cuts the interest rate to boost export. It is not good for the economy and the living standard of the country in the long run.

* Blackberry will be acquired by Samsung or a Chinese phone maker. It has valuable patents and customer base (so far). With Radio Shack and even Sears, they're bad cat bounces - buy them at the bottoms and sell them when they bounce. A technique I would have made a lot of money in the last 10 years but I'm a scary cat myself.

What is Blackberry and AMD have in common? Both are bankrupting and are trying to be rescued by Asia American CEO and probably by a company from Asia. The Chinese American CEO changed job from AMD to Blackberry.

* The fall of casinos stocks and the rise of FXI teaches up one thing: Fundamentals work. FXI from my SA article on China was 9 and now it is around 10 (still low).

* Recycle an old job. The new company' name when the two dollar stores merge is "Two Dollars Now

Stupid logic

Boston protesters learned from takeovers and this time on a highway. They must be one or all of the following: 1. welfare recipients (have nothing better to do), 2. students (either with loans or supported by their rich parents) or 3. mentally damaged (too many legalized drugs or drinks).

The arguments are quite stupid. They say the white (no Asians, no Hispanics and no blacks) are using the highway to go to work (if they do not go to work, how can they support you the parasites if you're not mentally damaged). Stupid folks do stupid things with stupid arguments

Random rants

* NYC and the surrounding towns are fine with about 5" of snow. New England is the Epic Center now. The snow is not wet and heavy, so we do not have the number of blackouts as predicted.

* Some expect the oil goes below $30. I'm an optimist and expect it will go back to 60 by year end. No matter what happens, we cannot predict the bottom but I believe it will be up due to the improving economy and the increasing population. What's comes down must go up (Newton's reverse gravity :)). I bet on several oil stocks including PBR.

* Warned many times on Microsoft. I sold my shares. You cannot milk the Windows and Office cow forever. A high-tech company without successful, innovative products is a company without soul. You cannot dreaming on how to spend your stock options and bonuses all day now. It is a prime example of my Coconut Theory (if you have too many coconuts, you do not work and sleep under a coconut tree for ever and become STUPID).

* The cruise industry should be saturated with so many big new ships. Asia is a good frontier. The prime route is Shanghai, Hong Kong and South East Asia. The secondary route extends to Indonesia and Australia. If we do not have another disaster, it should be a profitable venture. I like the Chinese cruisers and the food but cannot stand the bad public behavior of the rich Chinese. You do not gain others' respect for showing how rich you're but how you behave in public.

Making fun of Jack

Joke of the day.

This is my respond to an article on science can change our genes.

I like to have Einstein's mind, Ms. Blonde's body (no name please) and Jack Ma's luck.

How about I end up with Jack Ma's body (no offense), Ms. Blonde's mind and Einstein's luck in investing. Let nature take care for us!

Tandy Computer

* Globalization connects economies of many countries. Greece is not an important partner except for its olives, tourism and shipping. Hence, it is not making a big dent. However, most countries are not doing good and most if not all depreciate their currencies to save their economy.

* From the stock market, China is doing very good in the past year. FXI almost doubles our SPY. The P/E is artificially low but it is fine compared to its historical P/E. However, Newton's Law of Gravity never fails. Some do not laugh at this joke and they should check in the closest clinic for lacking a sense of humor.

* The bankruptcy law works for Radio Shack. I bet they're unloading and/or closing stores. I worked for myself writing software for Tandy computer. I was surprised my co-worker from one of my jobs remembered my one-man company Micro Architect. R.I.P.

One-man company

Wang was a good computer and revolutionized secretaries' jobs. It replaced at least one secretary with a Wang, not too good looking but function wise it worked. EMail and other office software (meeting, etc.) replaced more.

There were many today's applications migrated from Wang to PCs forming many companies. When you talked to Wang or Ken Olsen of DEC to use PCs, you got fired!

Writing software for a 4K PC using BASIC is fun. I wrote a spreadsheet and a text formatter. All the magazines took my press releases happily (free advertising). DOS was licensed from an unknown company in Seattle. CP/M officials were busy in keeping their tee times when IBM tried to license it. The rest is history.

I licensed and ported a complete accounting software from CP/M to DOS using my customized RS232, very high tech at the time. I sold it for $900 per package (compared to other's $500 per module). I wrote an interactive data (file more appropriate) manager (IDM). Both were my best sellers. Dream big but you have to face reality. 20 packages written by one cannot compete with 20 programmers working on one package.

Running a company is fun. I was the CEO and also the janitor.

50 shades of green

For folks spending $80K for a car, it is driven by the prestige and their dumb desire to climb the social ladder, not how green and how good the car is.

Rolls-Royces have the prestige and recognizable. I like to buy one myself for my dumb ego. However, my Bentley (ordered for 2040 model) would be too big to make the turn in the drive-thru even they treat me like a King (Berger)