Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hong Kong according to a Russian

Hong Kong has more billionairs per 10,000 in the world.

Hong Kong's longevity is on the top 5.

Now, from the roof,

Monday, July 7, 2014

One voice

After a brief walk and a big lunch in Wagamama (recommended to go there once only), I found a nice, breezy bench seat  in Boston Garden yesterday to sit down and relax.

A guy dropped by and played his guitar. The melody was very beautiful and the Beatles' songs fitted my taste. His singing was quite close to the Beatles as the Beatles' songs are quite easy to sing without the very high and very low notes. I sat almost face-to-face with the musician and appreciated the high fidelity of the music.

I clapped my hands for every of his beautiful songs and even donated money (not much to you but a lot to me :)) for encouragement. Beatles made millions if not billions and this guy did not make much. I believe for every famous singer, there are millions like this guy. If money is the only objective in life, there will be no folks playing such beautiful music to entertain us and enrich our lives.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Art of Investing

I merged my two books, "Debunk the Myths" and its sequel "Investing Strategies" into one. Inspired by the title Art of War, I searched and ISBN and found no one use the above title. It took about 3 hours to merge the two books, designed the cover and loaded it to - thanks to e-publishing. The cover is quite artistic and the book is about 555 pages.

Click here for the book.

The cover.
The spider depicts how we buy stock: Time, Find and Score. For the spider, it is Wait, Aim and Bite. Actually its availability from the free clip art library is the sole reason for my choice and the rest is makeup. :)

Art of War.
This book was written about 2300 years ago (my estimate). With some minor interpretation (such as the titles of the officials, capital names...), Chinese text can be read from that long ago. I believe they're craved on bamboo. It has 13 chapters. I believe there were more books from him and got lost from the long history. This book could be the official recording from the emperor.

Japanese business men use this book a lot. The US army adopted this book as the required reading for their officers. I do not think it would be useful in today's warfare except the urban wars that we lose most of the time. I will try to see what and how are relevant to investing.

The story.
The emperor asked the author to demonstrate his technique of training an army. He asked the emperor's ladies to learn how to drill. After several laughs, two leaders of the drill were beheaded and then everyone was serious and he had trained sucessfully the most beautiful army in world's history. 

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Tony for President!

My plan to win the war without a single arrow is to send iPads, fast foods to our enemies. The children will be too fat and so dumb that they will have no desire and strength to fight us. I was nominated for a Nobel Prize and the president of the USA. I gracefully turn it down for the following reasons.

1. I'm too honest (stupid but honest). I'm not stupid enough to lie on the cherry tree when my father is holding an axe.
2. I'm too ugly (ugly but clean).
3. I'm too coward. I cannot do what Clinton do (Just do it) with the intern.
4. I have better taste than Clinton.
5. I'm not black enough like Obama. I'm yellow.
6. I was born in the wrong country.
7. I cannot speak and write good English.
8. I have no ambition except winning all arguments in Seeking Alpha.
9. I do not know how to steal money with my power as a president.
10. I do not know how to buy votes at the expense of our country. Legalizing 1 million illegals would gain me 1 million votes. Could be far more if they bring in the parents and grand parents for free welfare.
11. I do not know how to do something opposite to what I preach.
12. I do not want to lower my social standing as it is already low.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Calgary Stampede

From my classmate Fiona in BHJS, Calgary Stampede officially starts tomorrow with multicultural parade (all whites the time I was there about 20 years ago) downtown.

I was there once on a business trip. I have to find the photo of me riding a bull in a three-piece suite. Nothing funnier than that! The airline stewardess hurrying the passengers to leave the plane like cattle was hilarious; today it could be on the web.

Free pancakes on those wagons in downtown. Folks were friendly. We crossed the main street illegally and the driver stopped and said "Good morning folks.". What a nice country! I and a white female co-worker were in the fair. Everyone starred at us as some kind of UFO; it could be my ugly look and her beautiful look or most likely the reverse :).  They may never see one before (20 years ago). The air was fresh. No bugs as they do not survive from the tough winter. That's the reason you want to visit this beautiful city this time of the year. When I see the electric outlet in a parking meter, it would be too cold for me.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Random comment 7/3/14

Inflation is here. Check on your supermarket bills. The market should be adjusted to inflation too. For simple illustration, if the market increases its  value by 100% and the cost of bread also doubles, in reality, the market is flat (but Uncle Sam still wants to share with you the hefty capital gain).

The problem is excessive printing of money to drive the interest rate to zero. It encourages consumption but not production (unless the money is invested in factories and infrastructure). The money easing has to end some day and some how and the non-correlation of the market and the economy cannot last forever.

Talking about taxes, I paid a lot last year due to the Roth conversion. The poor want the rich and the middle class (I'm) to lose money in the stock market. They do not realize that without the market gain, we do not pay taxes that help them in welfare. It is funny that the parasites accuse us parasites. Yes, we do have parasites on the other end of the spectrum - those greedy bankers to name a few.

Some poor are not parasites especially those losing job,  due to illness, losing in investment... Our capitalism punishes us not to work hard, take chances... But, the generous welfare discourages us to work. I believe to share the wealth but we need to encourage and/or train folks to work.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

S&P rating, AAL, my article

* Do we need any rating agency to give us rating after-the-fact? They should warn us earlier. I can predict 100% correctly that we have a raining storm today when I open the window and see one.

* AAL is my biggest win not including those stocks I sold this year such as BSX and CAMP... I bought LCC two times and they merged with AAL. Fundamentally it does not score high and airline is not a good business when you compare the fare flying from one city to another 5 years ago. They need to charge you every thing like Frontier Airline (to enrich me, the stock holder :)). The next frontier charge is the rest room, a guarantee profit esp. for long distance traveling. Now I understand why they call themselves "Frontier".

* If you have not read my article 6 Signs of a Correction, please do so. It could be served as a test on future detection. I included several signs that are not important today, why I switched my IT career to investing and my challenge to our past heroes Buffett and Peter Lynch that would surprise you.