Monday, August 25, 2014

Free review copy of The Art of Investing

Dear Sir,

This is an offer you cannot refuse (from God Father). Review my book and you will get it free. The review just takes minutes and it can be as brief as several sentences in
My new book The Art of Investing combines my other books Debunk the Myths in Investing and its sequel Investing Strategies. The Kindle version is $10 and it has over 645 pages (6*9). It covers most topics in investing.

This is a one-time offer as I expect future readers will write reviews themselves.
If you want to write a review, send me your e-mail address to or my Seeking Alpha email address (or both just in case) before September, 3, 2014. I’ll order the Kindle version for you from on about September, 5.
For info on the book and writing a review, click on the following link:

Tony Pow

I already have several orders on this new book charging over $20 each. I have many good reviews with two 4-star reviews on Debunk the Myths in Investing from total strangers with the abstract as below.

“Tony, I just finished reading your 2nd edition.  It’s my pleasure to report that I found it most interesting.  You’re welcome to use this blurb if you like:
Debunk the Myths in Investing is an all-encompassing look at  not only the most salient factors influencing markets and investors, but also a from-the-trenches look at many of the misconceptions and mistakes too many investors make.  Reading this book may save not only time and aggravation but money as well!”
Joseph Shaefer, CEO, Stanford Wealth Management LLC. 11/2013.

Tony, I used to use tarot cards (in investing), until I read your fact infested book Debunk the Myths...”
“Tony, Great work!” from James and Chris, who are portfolio managers.

'Debunk the Myths in Investing' is a comprehensive book on investing that deals with many aspects of this tense profession in which with a lot of knowledge and a bit of luck (or vice versa) one can greatly benefit…Therefore 'Debunk the Myths in Investing' is an interesting book that on its 500 pages offer a lot of knowledge related to investing world and many practical advices, so I can recommend its reading if you're interested in this topic.” -  Denis Vukosav, Top 500 Reviewers at

490 pages (Debunk) of a genius's ranting and hypothesis with various theories throughout, written light-heartedly with ample doses of humor…Yes, the myth of not being able to profitably time the market is BUSTED…
One might ask... Why is he giving away the results of his hard-earned research for only $20? He states that his children are not interested in investing and wants to share his efforts with the world.” -  Abe Agoda

Friday, August 22, 2014

Sears is dying

Sears once was the biggest retailer. At one time, I made over 50% in less than a few months on Sears, sold it and never looked back. The Canadian operation still looks great and I bet it may have been spun off already.

Eventually they can only sell lawn mowers, appliances... There are so many wrong decisions that I do not know where to begin. Selling clothes of Salvation Army quality at bargain prices in expensive malls is the same as committing suicide slowly plus ruining the image of the company.

At one time, Sears split itself into multiple stores such as one for eye glasses and one for tax returns within the same location. It had been proven it did not work. The most amazing thing is the x-president of JC Penny followed the same idea. It is the same of stepping on the trap that has an obvious sign.  A blind following a blind is silly; a blind following something that has been proven not working is ultra stupid or stupid beyond words.

American corporations must be run by guys looking like a movie star but with a retarded brain!

Kindle Unlimited is changing our way to access books. First it started with low prices on printed books. Then it gives the writers especially the Indie writers the ability to publish books at virtually no start-up cost. Most books in the their program are sold less than $10. Now, it is the Kindle Unlimited. It will eat into the profits of some book writers when the consumer borrows updated books instead of buying them.

If you enjoy books, try out the free 30-day trial and $10 per month afterwards.

I have written about 20 Kindle books, 20 concise editions (abstracts from the 20 books) and then 40 paperbacks (20 Kindle + 20 concise). Most are in investing and most are now derived from the Art of Investing.

Kindle Unlimited has more holes than Swiss cheese. You can help me to make some money (I promise to give the extra to the poor) by borrowing 10 of my books and returning them with or  reading them 10% (just hit the next page key faster) and borrowing another 10 again. Repeat the process until I'm a millionaire!

It will discourage folks from buying Kindle books. Actually it is good for me even I do it more for fun and killing time.

The Art of Investing is over 600 pages. The reader will borrow it again or just buy it for $10 as it takes too much time to learn and you need to reference it.

Some of my concise versions are only $3 and it will net me $2.1 for royalty for each sold book (far less during promotions). The borrow royalty is about $2 (last month it was $1.81) per borrow. It is the same royalty for my 600-page book or my 40-page concise version. Now, quantity counts and not the size especially those books ranging in 250 pages especially those books with no reference value.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

On China

China is not communist (i.e. every one is paid the same so there is no incentive to work hard). It only exists in one "C" of the CCP and everyone's daily life is ultra capitalist.

China is more capitalist than the US (i.e. if you do not work, you die).

Democracy is catching up slowly. However, comparing China 30 years ago, democracy has grown by leaps and bounds. From our yardstick, it is still a long way to go. Human rights should be prioritized: Food, Shelter, Clothes, Democracy...unless you're spoiled in the USA.

The $500,000 for a lot of rich Chinese is peanuts. If the money is from corruption, some would not come to the USA as there is a chance of forcing them to go back for trial. They come for education / opportunities for the children, food, water and air quality. It is better than those who come for welfare

One fast food from the US asked the city to collect more taxes from them if the city did not allow the other fast food to come to town. Monopolize? All the fat children in China are due to eating too many fast food and playing video games. Are the flies coming in when the window is opened?

Random comment at SeekingAlpha on 8/19

* Tough business for apparel industry and it is one of the several sectors I am very cautious. Just another victim.

* The 4 major mobile phone carriers will have a tough time due to the fierce competition. The 4-line plan with all the goodies is the best offer for families. They will be matched by the competitors as before. However, I will pay $10 more for other carriers that have better coverage (reception).

* CEOs for most banks should have gone to jail. Why they're still counting their bonus money with their filthy hands?

* Non-SA news. Amazon's Unlimited Plan seems too good to be true. It will be good for the authors too. I got about $1.81 for each borrow of my books. This month the borrowing is doubled and will be even more next month. I expect I'll not get the $1.81 from now on as it is based on a pool of money to be shared. One book The Art of Investing

The steeler and the steelee both profit

I need to know when you disarm the alarm system when you're out. So, I can steal your stuffs. It turns out the stuffs are fake. Silly me!

The stealee collects the damage from her insurance and pockets the difference between the fake goods and the real stuffs. Smart stealee!

A beautiful mind always beats the most advanced technology which sucks sometimes

If the above is real, it is just a real coincidence and I did not intend to reference anyone.

On Buffett

When Buffett pulled out from the oil industry, the economy is predicted by them to be lousy as part of the Dow Theory to me.

* When Steve announced his retirement, Microsoft stock rose a lot. What happens when Buffett retires or passes away (no one can live forever except the beautiful face of Princess D)? I bet his stock would dip when his time comes.