Friday, March 27, 2015

Better than Tom Cruz

According to Cruz, all politicians should have a report card to see what his/her campaign ideas/promises have been fulfilled.

Simple concept, but big impact.

Free loaders

We have to limit free loaders. The mentally retarded and the REAL disabled are not free loaders so are not those who lose jobs.

The addicts are, the lazy folks are, the three-generations of teenage mothers are, the young folks tuning the motor bikes all day long are, the 'falsely disabled' are...

When the illegals become legal, how many of them will quit their jobs and become free loaders? Even worst, they will bring millions of their families in to COLLECT welfare. I see the legacy of Obama would go to drain and we'll become a one party political system (good or bad?). You hear it here first.

To give or not to give

Every one wants to receive but not to give. When we have more free loaders, the votes will go to the policy makers who agree to give (instead of taxing).

The first fix: No more "representation without taxation". You can only vote if you pay Federal taxes.

The second fix. Change the constitution requiring balancing the budget.

It is from one who has never taken any business course (except those required for my engineering degree). Common sense is not that common when the agenda is to 'satisfy' the voters even they're dead wrong.

Thursday, March 12, 2015


* I bought SWHC for the fundamentals and betting it has hit the bottom. It is my religion not to buy companies that produce weapons. Did not check it out. Will sell it. How many of their guns have been used to kill in last year? I do not want to count money with my hands dripping in blood.

* We should not be dragged into another war or conflict in the Middle East. We just care about our economy to provide a good stock market and jobs. We do not want the body bags sent back and pay for the expenses of the war that we cannot afford. If we send the children of our leaders to the front line, we will have NO war.

Apple iWatch

My $90 watch does not have to change or charge battery (solar power). It is a BIG issue if it is used as a watch. However if it is used to climb up the social ladder or to boost your dumb ego, ensure  wear it on your head to show that you're a dumb iIdiot.

When the good news are bad news

The good news on the economy and the employment are bad news for the market. These good news would prompt the Fed to jack up interest rate that would be bad for the market as we have record-high margin rate and it would cost more for the corporations to borrow.

I do not think the rate will be raised in a pre election year. Next year, watch out.

Unemployment report

Unemployment rate has its faults. Many giving up seeking are not counted (i.e. the participation rate). The new measurement is the improvement of median income that has not recovered from 2007. Many recent college graduates are not working on the jobs of their choices and their college loans will not be paid back soon.

Globalization throws oil to the fire as corporations can hire the best employees at the least costs any where in this planet